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knowyorrights Women Against Paternity Fraud has compiled the following list of law firms and attorneys who have had success representing paternity fraud vicims.

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Richard Lowe, Esq                                cbk

3727 West 6th Street #603 
Los Angeles, CA 90020

(213) 387-4446

Paternity Fraud Victims He Represented:

Brandon Parsons:
Pedro Soto:

Richard A. Lowe is a graduate of the UCLA School of Law and has had a long and varied career.  Mr. Lowe has been a Washington lawyer with the firm of Whilmer, Cutler, and Pickereing, a Special Assistant to the former Vice Chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Daniel Leach ,and has also taught at the Georgetown University Law Center. More recently, Mr. Lowe has been in private practice in Los Angeles with an emphasis on Family Law issues.  He has been particularly involved in handling paternity fraud cases and has represented a number of young men caught up in this issue.  Mr. Lowe has had a number of Marine Corps clients as well as other non military young men.  Although these cases are never easy and the cards are always stacked against these young men, Mr. Lowe has enjoyed some success in this area.  He has had one matter where the court was convinced to terminate all child support after thirteen years of deception and changed the child’s surname on the birth certificate.  The problem is most acute in the military and Mr. Lowe has had the pleasure of representing two Marines to date.  In one matter, although the court concluded the Marine had been duped through the despicable deception of the young lady involved, it also concluded that time for challenge had passed because the young Marine had waived his rights under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.  Mr. Lowe is always looking for these cases and believe that there has to be much more publicity of the these issues which affects so many lives.

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