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As a small non-profit we are looking for volunteers interested in learning all aspects of the public relations field. The volunteer who fills this position should expect to learn the field from top to bottom.  It's essential that applicants to this position have excellent communication skills, demonstrate creativity, and understand the importance of attending to even the smallest details.

Desired Characteristics:

 • Strong communication skills
 • Applicants should also have strong writing skills
 • An understanding of our social media tools from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pintrerest, etc.
 • Interest in social issues preferred.
 • Demonstrates flexibility; can redefine the role as needed and adapt to change.
 • Expert research skills
 • Interacts professionally and appropriately within a variety of situations.
 • Builds consensus, facilitates win-win business outcomes, gains and builds commitment to new ideas and courses of action.
 • Clearly articulates, presents, and promotes ideas and issues before various audiences in a professional settings.
 • Demonstrates the ability to identify and solve problems quickly, decisively, and independently.
 • Shares information, cooperates with others, and is comfortable participating as part of a team.
 • Should be majoring in Public Relations, Communications, Marketing or Journalism
 • Proficient with Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office applications should apply.

Duties Include:

 • Monitor all forms of media
 • Schedule and coordinate speaking engagements, appearances, and other special events
 • Write press releases and other materials
 • Answer phone calls
 • Assist with mailings, print production
 • Create interview preparation materials
 • Compile contact lists
 • Search for articles relevant to our website
 • Create or update databases
 • Greet guests and clients


Business Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am to 6pm (pst)

Weekends: Closed

Media Calls: Returned Daily



Southern California

District of Columbia
WAPF Is a National Organization

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