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Articles Relating to Paternity Fraud

Cheryl King


Cheryl King is an anti-paternity fraud advocate from Australia. She knows all too well the devastation this issue has on men, women, and children.  Liam Magill is a paternity fraud victim and Cheryl is his Enduring Power of Attorney. 

In 2002, Liam sued his ex-wife Meredith Magill after discovering in 2000 that 2 of his 3 children were fathered by a trusted family friend. 

The Magill’s were only married for 4 years when Meredith left Liam taking the 3 children with her. Meredith then applied for child support for all 3 children. 

A County Court in Australia ruled that "the law of deceit" applied because Liam's name was on the children's birth certificates, and the application forms for child support.Liam Magill was eventually awarded $70,000 AUD compensation. The court in Australia seemed to have been honorable, and victims everywhere were excited that this case would potentially set a precedent for the world to follow --- by sending the message, "If you lie about paternity you are committing a crime, and you will pay for it."

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court of Victoria overturned the lower court judgement in 2005. Two of the 3 judges involved claimed the "law of deceit" didn't apply. One of the three judges, said Liam's wife didn't "wholly" set out to deceive him. Setting a completely different precedent, one that send the message that "Truth and justice will not prevail in paternity fraud cases in Australia". 

In 2006, Liam then appealed to the highest court in Australia ( The High Court ) and subsequently lost everything. Meredith was fully funded by legal services and pro bono lawyers.

Cheryl King won't give up on this issue and seeks to get justice for paternity fraud victims everywhere. She could have just walked away -- but she didn't.  Instead, she turning to activism and has supported Liam through thick and thin. She's endured the pain of paternity fraud. She has had to watch Liam being forced to live with a lie and pay handsomely for it. Cheryl and Liam have joined millions of people around the world to fight paternity fraud.  

Liam is now trying to reopen his case with new UK case law and new evidence. Details are at

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