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Donate To The WAPF Paternity Fraud Documentary

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Women Against Paternity Fraud is a 501 (c)(3), tax exempt, non-profit organization, that educates the public, media, and policymakers on issues relating to paternity fraud. 

We are starting to film a documentary on paternity fraud to show all the different ways that paternity fraud  can occur, and show the devastation it creates within families.  We will explore all the individuals effected by this issue to include men, women, and children.  

We're doing this documentary to bring public awareness to this issue, as an educational tool for those facing this issue, and institute dialogue that encourges reform. 

It is our hope that one day children will have a right to know their identity , have access to their medical history, and develop a relationship with their biological fathers and extended family. When this doesn't occur it can create health and societal issues.

Your donation will help cover travel, filming equipment, editing, and marketing expenses. Please consider donating to the Women Against Paternity Fraud documentary that will benefit families and society. 

Thank you!

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