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Advisory Board - Biographies

Alicia Alicia Thompson -- California

Alicia is a business owner in Southern California.  Although many think that paternity fraud is just a men's issue both Alicia and her daughter are victims of paternity fraud and have been huge advocates for reform.  Separated from her husband at the time her daughter was conceived, the state would only recognize her then husband as the father of her daughter and went after him for support. Not only did Alicia truthfully disclose that her husband was not the father...but DNA testing proved that the man she dated after being separated was the father.

In order for her daughter to receive financial support, medical, dental, vision insurance, and have claim to any Social Security benefits under her father's name the state would only recognize her ex-husband as the father and would not accept the truth. She would not go along with a lie and so she relinquished her ex-husbands rights so he would not be required to financially support her daughter.  At this point, as far as the law is concerned her daughter is fatherless.  For the past thirteen years Alicia has fought this ruling. She has had four trials and is working on our fifth.  

Alicia believes that laws, policies, and the courts should stop perpetuating paternity fraud on innocent children and won't give up on working together with other paternity fraud victims on reform.

Audrey realtorAudrey Devine -- California

Audrey Devine is a business owner in Southern California.  When Audrey was just 6 months old her parents got divorced. Audrey's dad got custody of her and she rarely saw my mother. It wasn't until Audrey was 28 years old that her mother disclosed to her that the man who raised her wasn't her biological father.  Not knowing whether to believe her mother, Audrey decided to seek out the truth on her own and have a DNA test done.  The test did exclude her dad from being my biological father. 

Hurt, confused, and curious, Audrey set out to find her biological father. She found him when she was 32 years old.  Aside from just being curious about who her father was she also wanted to learn more about her biological family and about her family medical history. Learning about her family medical history was especially important to Audrey because she had been diagnosed with two types of cancer.

According to Audrey, "...I would have benefitted greatly from knowing my medical history early on because I discovered that breast cancer runs in my biological family. I learned that both my biological grandmother and great grandmother died from breast cancer. I also learned that there are heart issues within my biological family that I am thankful to now know --- not only for myself but for my sons. ..."

Audrey wants to see changes made in the area of paternity fraud for many reasons -- but mainly because she has seen firsthand the value in knowing your medical history.  Audrey states, "...It can literally be a matter of life and death.  Had I known that breast cancer ran in my family and that two of my family members had died from it I could have sought out preventative measures early on. My situation could have been much different,  much better, had I known the truth. ..."

Audrey also states, "...All children deserve to know who their biological fathers are, their extended family, and their medical history.  If not, it is devastating to all involved.  Nobody benefits from not knowing the truth. I never had the opportunity be an active part of my biological fathers life, know my grandparents, and learn about my medical history that would have allowed me to take preventative measures.  All of this could have been avoided had I just been told the truth. ..."

Unknown 1Dr. Torri J. Evans-Barton - Georgia

"Finding my biological father at 31 years old caused me to realize the significance fathers play in our lives.  I believe, if possible, all human beings should have the same opportunity I was provided. By being reunited with my biological father I was positioned to heal from the trauma fatherlessness introduced."

A transplant from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Dr. Torri J. Evans-Barton currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where she is the Founder & CEO of The Fatherless Generation Foundation.

Growing up in a single parent household, Torri faced many adversities adding tremendous devastation to her life emphasizing the fact she needed her father.

In 2003, Dr. Torri J. Evans-Barton decided to follow her heart to restore her family, which meant going in search of the father she had never known. At the end of her search she found her father along with eleven brothers and sisters and seventy-six nieces and nephews. This created an incredible burden within Dr. Torri J. Evans-Barton.

This burden burning on the inside of Dr. Torri J. Evans-Barton caused her to realize there were others who are growing up fatherless just like her who desire reconciliation with their absent father. Her desire has now turned into a full time mission of “healing the broken places the fatherless experience has created” through her nonprofit, The Fatherless Generation Foundation Inc.  Launched in 2009, TFGF is a non-profit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia reuniting fathers and their children by providing the resources and services that strengthen, support, and elevate the commitment to fatherhood and family values. Their services include Husband & Wife Team Mentor Teams, Peer Groups hosted in The Boys & Girls Clubs of America in 26 cities, Tutoring, but at the helm of the organization is Commitment to Fatherhood Program; the mediation process taking place reuniting biological fathers back into the lives of their children!

Since TFGF’s conception they have assisted almost 20,000 children through their Peer Groups, mentored 103 fatherless children, and reunited 285 fathers with 453 children who are no longer fatherless!

Dr. Torri J. Evans-Barton is a Certified Mediator, a licensed and ordained minister who possesses a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Michigan and a M.S. in Bio- Chemistry/ Cell-Development from Emory University. She recently received an Honorary Doctorate from CICA University & Seminary in Philosophy.  Dr. Torri J. Evans-Barton is currently working on a MA of Government with an emphasis in Pre-Law and Foreign Relations from Regent University.

unnamed 12Samantha Jadin -- Colorado

Samantha obtained her degree in Biology in 1995. Her minors in Business and Biblical studies from Colorado Christian University mirrored her feelings toward the need for more spirituality in a global business environment.  Samantha has had over 7 years of experience in organ and tissue donation, specializing in corneal recovery for the purpose of benefiting those that suffer from corneal blindness. Samantha's desire to help others in her community, led her to become a Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist in 2000. She also practices Healing Touch and Reiki. Samantha is known for her ability to facilitate healing to those that seek it. Her story titled, “The Inheritance,” can be read via Nook or Kindle.

Her desire to share openness, love and change for the greater good of the world due to her personnel story, led her to become involved in media and politics which began in 2012. Her life story inspired Colorado HB1272. This law makes it a child trafficking crime to randomly sell children on the internet for adoption. She also passed Open Adoption Records in 2014 and was gifted one of the pens used by Governor Hickenlooper that signed the bills into law. She then passed HB1282 in 2015, the first of its kind worldwide, which makes it a crime to falsify information about any birth parent on any birth certificates for all children born in the state of Colorado a crime.

She has appeared on Fox News, 9 News, Won Radio and The Ricki Lake Show.

cherylkingCheryl King -- Australia

Cheryl King is an anti-paternity fraud advocate from Australia.  She knows all too well the devastation this issue has on men, women, and children.  Liam Magill is a paternity fraud victim and Cheryl is his Enduring Power of Attorney.

In 2002, Liam sued his ex-wife Meredith Magill after discovering in 2000 that 2 of his 3 children were fathered by a trusted family friend. 

The Magill’s were only married for 4 years when Meredith left Liam taking the 3 children with her. Meredith then applied for child support for all 3 children. 

A County Court in Australia ruled that "the law of deceit" applied because Liam's name was on the children's birth certificates, and the application forms for child support.Liam Magill was eventually awarded $70,000 AUD compensation. The court in Australia seemed to have been honorable, and victims everywhere were excited that this case would potentially set a precedent for the world to follow --- by sending the message, "If you lie about paternity you are committing a crime, and you will pay for it."

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court of Victoria overturned the lower court judgement in 2005. Two of the 3 judges involved claimed the "law of deceit" didn't apply. One of the three judges, said Liam's wife didn't "wholly" set out to deceive him. Setting a completely different precedent, one that send the message that "Truth and justice will not prevail in paternity fraud cases in Australia". 

In 2006, Liam then appealed to the highest court in Australia ( The High Court ) and subsequently lost everything. Meredith was fully funded by legal services and pro bono lawyers.

Cheryl King won't give up on this issue and seeks to get justice for paternity fraud victims everywhere. She could have just walked away -- but she didn't.  Instead, she turning to activism and has supported Liam through thick and thin. She's endured the pain of paternity fraud. She has had to watch Liam being forced to live with a lie and pay handsomely for it. Cheryl and Liam have joined millions of people around the world to fight paternity fraud. 

Liam is now trying to reopen his case with new UK case law and new evidence. Details are at
jessicawebJessica Kunze - California

Jessica Kunze is a Nurse Practitioner in Southern California. She has witnessed many instances where the wrong man was being forced to pay child support for a child that was proven not be his. Being in the medical field Jessica believes that it is cruticial that children know their medical history --  especially in emergency situations.  

Jessica states that she is grateful to be an Advisory Board Member of WAPF because she believes that the voices of victims of paternity fraud (many who are children) are not being heard and that change is needed.

IMG 0734Charlie Manning  -- California

Charlie is a business owner in Southern California.  She has been married for 41 years and has four grown sons, seventeen wonderful grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Charlie is very proud and honored to be an Advisory Member for Women Against Paternity Fraud and supports the work the organization is doing.

Charlie never knew her biological father.  It wasn't until she was 50 years old that she was told by her brother that the wonderful man she thought was "Daddy" wasn't her father. This happened on the day of his burial so that her brother could receive the military flag. Charlie states, "No matter how old you are paternity fraud is extremely PAINFUL. ..."  She supports reforming  paternity laws and policies so that (children or adults) aren't one day blindsided by the very painful truth.

Sgt Brandon ParsonSergeant Brandon Parsons -- California

A Superior Court of California judge ruled that SSgt Parsons, a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, must pay child support for a child that ISN’T his—he will spend over $250,000 before his legal obligation ends (when the child turns 18).

After completing his first combat deployment in the Spring of 2005—of which he spent the majority of time fighting in Ramadi, Iraq—SSgt Parsons, then a twenty-year old corporal, returned to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and immediately began a sexual relationship with his then-fiancé, Crystal.

Seventeen days later, Crystal announced to Brandon that she was pregnant. Brandon, without questioning any aspects of her statement or the legitimacy of his biological paternity because he trusted her and wanted to take responsibility for his child, so he decided to bump up their scheduled nuptials. He spent the majority of his money (an estimated $20,000)—of which most came from his recent deployment—on her dream wedding.

What both Brandon and the court now know is that Crystal Parsons had been engaged in numerous sexual affairs while he was on deployment and, consequently, the child that Brandon raised—under the assumption he was legitimately the father—was indeed that of another man. (Crystal refuses to name the true identity of the biological father to this day.) Moreover, it was both alleged by Parsons and believed by the court that Crystal chose to sleep with then-Corporal Parsons purely to cover up her previous sexual encounters and pin the pregnancy on him, therefore having access to his military benefits.

Despite all that has happened, Brandon still proudly serve this great country, has faced and met adversity, has overcome opposition almost costing him his career. He has spent several sleepless nights praying for hope, undergoing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment, and constant turmoil from my ex-wife. Brandon still somehow finds the good in people, continues to be optimistic, and carries on his days with a smile on his face.

Brandon states, "...A real warrior has the ability to overcome any battle no matter the fight. My case has proven two things in my opinion. 1.) The Marine Corps does a superb job making emotionally, mentally, and physically strong fighting men to defend this nation regardless of their personal circumstances and 2.) Judge Pollock makes it very clear that there needs to be a change in existing law and my case being the pinnacle reason.

My journey has helped me meet some great people and I support WAPF in their attempt to bring public awareness to this issue, seek reform, and bring justice to paternity fraud victims and the children who are unaware of who their biological fathers are. ..."

images-2Carnell Smith -- Georgia

Carnell Smith, is a expert on Paternity Fraud issues and an  International Advocate for victims and their families to be freed from the archaic laws and abuse. A paternity fraud victim himself he is the author of the GA Senate and DC Paternity Fraud Report. 

The truth has led Carnell Smith to address U.S. legislative hearings in addition to  speaking at the Administration for Children & Families, National Men’s Equality Congress, and many others.

Some of his media includes; Dr Phil, MSN-NBC, CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC World News, Fox News, Michael Baisden Show, Michael Smerconish,Tavis Smiley Show, Rev. Al Sharpton Show, PowerTalk w/ Lorraine White, Associated Press, The Harvard Crimson, Review Journal, American Conservative, Reason Magazine, TIME Magazine, Divorce Magazine, Men’s Journal Magazine, Men's Health Magazine, ABA Family Law Quarterly, Georgia State Law Review, Georgia Fatherhood Program,,, and many others

Carnell has lobbied and/or coached victims and advocates in multiple states on paternity fraud legislation. He Launched the U.S. Citizens Against Paternity Fraud advocacy group. Founded 4TRUTH Identity's DNA Center for maternity, paternity and immigration testing.Exposed the impact of paternity fraud on military men and teen boys. Launched the renowned website. Co-Producer of "HOSTAGE of the STATE" movie, a paternity fraud expose.

MD 3.5X5 300dpi RGBMurray Davis, M.A. SJ -- Michigan

Mr. Davis is a former IBM Corporation and Ameritech marketing executive as well as a technology businesses employer in Michigan.  Both Michigan’s previous governor and its former chief justice of their Supreme Court have honored Mr. Davis with appointments to the Michigan Friend of the Court Bureau Advisory Committee and the Michigan Child Support Leadership Council. He was recently appointed to the Wayne County Circuit Court “For Our Children” consortium

Mr. Davis is  co-founder and Board president of the National Family Justice Association (NFJA) and is also a frequent radio, television talk show guest and special report/op-ed contributor to The Detroit News and other national newspapers. Mr. Davis is a victim of marital paternity fraud and has been a long-time collaboration advocate,  speaker, consultant, and media personality for justice in paternity fraud cases in Michigan and nationally. 

Unknown-2Richard Lowe, Esq. - Los Angeles, California

Richard A. Lowe is a graduate of the UCLA School of Law and has had a long and varied career.  Mr. Lowe has been a Washington lawyer with the firm of Whilmer, Cutler, and Pickereing, a Special Assistant to the former Vice Chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Daniel Leach, and has also taught at the Georgetown University Law Center. More recently, Mr. Lowe has been in private practice in Los Angeles with an emphasis on Family Law issues.  He has been particularly involved in handling paternity fraud cases and has represented a number of young men caught up in this issue.  Mr. Lowe has had a number of Marine Corps clients as well as other non military young men.  Although these cases are never easy and the cards are always stacked against these young men, Mr. Lowe has enjoyed success in this area.  He has had one matter where the court was convinced to terminate all child support after thirteen years of deception and changed the child’s surname on the birth certificate.  The problem is most acute in the military and Mr. Lowe has had the pleasure of representing two Marines to date.  In one matter, although the court concluded the Marine had been duped through despicable deception of the young lady involved, it also concluded that time for challenge had passed because the young Marine had waived his rights under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.  Mr. Lowe is interested in these cases and believes that there has to be much more publicity of  these issues which affects so many lives.

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